who can benefit from tens

TENS massagers treat muscle pain, joint pain, nerve damage, sciatica , pinched nerves, arthritis, tendonitis, sports injuries, and more. Or if you just enjoy massages, TENS can help with that too.

Truck Drivers

Sitting all day behind the wheel. As a truck driver, it's part of the job. It could be causing you severe pain. You can see the evidence of back pain at any truck stop. Drivers slowing climbing out of cabs, hunched over and stiff, with aching pain. Truck drivers that use TENS have meaningful pain relief in their back and shoulders, as well as more general muscle pain. All while improving their driving experience.

Office Workers

One of the most common work related injuries in the office place is back pain. Most problems are due to the sedentary nature of the job. This is where TENS is sure to assist.


construction workers

Construction professionals are generally required to lift and carry heavy materials and equipment. Over time, inevitably they begin to experience a lot of back and shoulder pain. The pain generally sets in after a hard day of work. Being able to use TENS technology anytime and anywhere is advantageous for any construction worker at this time.


Athletes love pushing their bodies to the limit. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to different kinds of sports injuries. Fitness lovers and professional athletes alike can benefit from TENS by cutting down on their recovery time, muscle pain or joint pain, and much more. TENS can help define your muscles and help them grow.


Body Blessing products aim to relax you and keep you pain free.

Mobile Massage Service

Body Blessing brings relaxation to you. Let our licensed therapists handle your pain.

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Body Blessing & Mind Group

Body Blessing & Mind Group is a solution oriented team who are dedicated to helping people. We are in the business of health. We strive to educate our clients on the importance of the integration between the body and the mind.

We are here to show our client that the body & the mind are closely intertwined and that a healthy body creates a healthy mind and vice-versa. We will educate our client using the following techniques: audio, video, work books, and personal evaluations through direct personal team member and client interaction.

We aim to provide our clients with reasonably priced products & services that are of the highest quality and excellence. Our mission is to help our clients understand the importance of stress free lifestyle for both body and mind.

We are obligated to give our clients the tools to deal with better prospective and understanding of stressful environments. Our clients will want to deal with us because we understand and respect their needs. We are committed to self-improvement for both our team members, and for our clients. We always go the extra mile for our clients.

We provide the most practical and straight forward methods to improve our client’s health. Our clients will gain a stronger body and healthier state of mind. And most importantly we focus on you.


Body Blessing aims to always keep you as informed as possible. We often publish articles that will help you understand what solution works best for you.


Body Blessing provides a limited lifetime replacement warranty on all its TENS products, covering any breakage, or other malfunctions due to design or manufacture defects.

This warranty does not apply to problems which are the result of misuse or normal wear and tear. To invoke the warranty, send the product with all its parts to the provider address. Include your name, address, telephone number, email address, and a brief explanation of the problem. You must also include a copy of your sales receipt and payments in the amount of $29.95 USD to cover the cost of shipping and handling. No refunds will be issued. Canadian customers: money orders are only accepted from US banks.

Click here to register for this limited lifetime replacement warranty on all its TENS products.

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